Thursday, May 28, 2015

Not So Uneventful Walk - Part 2

Walking up the driveway of the old farm house I immediately noticed three large metal pens close to the house, and one large metal pen in the back yard.
Smiling at the sight of the two dogs in back, I quickly turned my attention to the pens near where Kory and I stood.
What the HECK were they?
Five llamas were still mesmerized by the presence of me and my pup..............
The woman had headed inside to retrieve food for the llamas, and as I stood looking at these interesting looking sheep, the guy talked easily about his life and his farm.
A retired fire fighter.  From Nevada.  Wife was from Arizona, and somehow they had come across this home and 10 acres and decided that retirement was going to happen on the outskirts of Arco, Idaho.
The dogs, the sheep and a few of the llamas were cast-offs.
As tends to happen in small communities word quickly got around that this couple would accept animals that nobody else wanted, and as the man told me the stories of these animals it was obvious that they were loved and cared for................
As the woman fed the llamas, the man told me the names of eachl of his animals.
The only one that I remember is the name of the white llama.
A view of the mountains from their driveway.
What a view...................
 Fifteen minutes after we walked up the driveway of a friendly couple who had shared their story and their animals with me, it was time to go.
Kory and I headed back to the property where my guy and my Tahoe were located, and after being gone for close to an hour I was mildly surprised that LC had not yet called me.
It was taking longer than I had expected and as we headed back, I was hoping that something big (read expensive) was not wrong with our vehicle.
The property immediately around the house was covered with beautiful lilac bushes that were still in full bloom, and I could smell them as we got closer.
They were beautiful.
What a great house.  What a great piece of property.  And what a great location............... 

Snapping pictures almost non-stop as I wandered back on to the property, I headed to the back of the house where the garage was located.
 As Kory and I continued down the driveway a dog approached us.
Watching him closely for a moment (and hoping that he was friendly) he wandered right up to me and unexpectedly dropped something at my feet.
Looking down at it I smiled, and then smiled again as this sweet boy waited for me to respond.
I picked up the slimy, slobbery hockey puck, threw it across the driveway and watched as this pup excitedly ran off to retrieve it.
Immediately he brought it back and again dropped the slimy black disc at my feet.
Smiling at him again, I picked it up and tossed it again.
After five or six throws I walked past the dog, petted him on top of the head, and then walked into the garage bay.
LC and the mechanic both had their heads under the hood.
They were almost done.
No leaks.  AC gassed up.  We did need a part.  It was already ordered.
How much was the part?  Not too expensive - good.
How much to install?  Part of the trade deal we made so no charge.  Good again.
After learning that I would be waiting for another 10 minutes or so, I grabbed a bottle of water out of the Tahoe, took a big drink, crouched down beside my pup, cupped my hand and poured water as Kory eagerly drank and then loaded her into the truck.
Turning, I walked out of the garage, walked over to the mechanics' dog and waited for him to drop the puck.
Picking up the slimy, nasty thing, I tossed it again.......................
Looking back towards Number Hill, that dominates the landscape in Arco much as the Big Butte dominates the landscape in Atomic City...................
I started Part l of this blog by posting a random picture of my dog hunkering down on the floor of the truck in an attempt to find relief from the thunderstorm that was surrounding us at that moment.
I will finish Part 2 of this blog by posting a random picture of a tube of chapstick that LC bought for me at a ranch supply store.
Chicken Poop - Lip Junk.
I needed chapstick and he bought this version of it specifically because of the name.
After smiling at the name (and then reading the rest of the label, that reassured me that the tube did not contain any actual chicken products) I felt comfortable enough to use it.
It did the job just fine........................

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