Friday, October 18, 2013

Bonners Ferry ID - Part 5

The inlet wasn't hugely long, but I enjoyed the kayaking anyway.
With only one other kayaker on the water, and with boaters having by this time of year already winterized their watercraft at the end of summer, I almost had the entire space to myself.
The water was calm and cold.  The day was crisp.  And I knew that LC and Chris (as they always seem to do) were having a great time together.
After we were done at the beach we planned on heading into the town of Sandpoint for a short while to wander, check out the army surplus store, check out whatever else we found in our travels, before heading back to Bonners Ferry.
Jamie would need to see us in a while.
We needed food, and after two unsatisfying dinners in two different restaurants over the past couple of evenings, all three of us had decided to take matters into our own hands and cook food over the campfire on the grounds of the motel...............
We hadn't seen much of it, but we had seen enough.
I didn't like Cour D'Alene.
I was almost certain that I had made a rushed and uninformed decision, and perhaps we will take time on another trip, to explore it further.
But my immediate impression of Sandpoint was that I loved it.
I loved its distance from the interstate.  Loved the beach and waterways.  
Having not even seen the downtown area yet, I already loved this little town.
Metal fish sculptures along the rail of one of the many bridges that I passed under during my water-trip.............
Touching base briefly with the guys for a moment, I continued paddling beyond them.
When we first arrived I had taken pictures of the mountains, the fog banks and open water.
I wasn't wearing a kayak skirt and didn't want to paddle into open and choppy water, but I DID want to take a couple more pictures of the mountains from the perspective of being on the water...............
If you enlarge this picture you can just see LC and Chris standing on a pier at the waters' edge, both of them watching the train passing over the bridge..............
On the way back I pulled into a boat dock and snapped the picture above of the geese.
They honked in displeasure and I instinctively knew that they would soon take to flight.
The day had been so bright and sunny that in truth, most of the pictures I had taken at the beach I took blind because I couldn't see anything through the view finder.
When these guys finally and noisily took to the air I had no idea whether or not I had actually caught them in a picture.
Point - shoot blind - hope for the best.
As I had done all morning.
But I got 'em...............
My Mountain Boy pulling together some of the fishing gear.
I like this picture...............
LC and Chris standing with Liberty.
Chris' nod to a cold morning?  Shoes and socks instead of flip flops...............
Me and Chris..............
And finally me and LC.
We were all heading in different directions the next morning.
LC, Jamie and I south to Atomic City and Chris north to Calgary................

The family is a haven in a heartless world................Attributed to Christopher Lasch

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