Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Tennessee Life

The picture above was taken about two weeks ago.
On a very cold and overcast day the weather began as rain and then quickly changed to the promised snowfall.
It snowed heavily for about an hour, and when I realized that it was actually sticking to the ground instead of immediately melting, I had hopes that the snow might stay.
Foolish me.
The ground was too warm and soon the temperature rose again.
Meaning that it was too warm for the snow to stick around and actually turn this place into the Winter wonderland I always hope for at Christmas.
By afternoon it was raining again and the snow was gone.
There was no snow before that day and there has been none since that day, and with the temperature tomorrow expected to be around 50 degrees there will be no White Christmas in Middle Tennessee.
The child-like, Winter loving portion of me is disappointed in that.
But the mother in me is glad to be back because as of this writing I am waiting on my son and daughter-in-law to arrive at the house..
Since I cannot get in touch with my youngest boy in Manitoba the best I can do is hope that he will call tomorrow...............

Below is what we turned a rusty old bed frame into, that we gave to my son before leaving for Juneau a couple of years ago.
The frame sat cold and neglected outside and behind his father-in-laws' home for two years and when I received it back I was not sure if it would ever be a serviceable bed again.
Bed frame painted, walls painted, no pictures on the walls yet and no other furniture in the room aside from what is in the picture, still four large storage containers stashed in one corner.
A few months ago every inch of floor space was covered with storage containers and they were piled higher than the chair rail.
A spare bedroom still not complete but complete enough for now...............
A skier and two tobogganers.
Made out of railroad spikes, I bought these awesome characters for a quarter a piece at a yard sale in Cody and I think that they are awesome...............
A few days ago LC and I, eager to fly away from the non-stop shopping and commuting madness that has predictably engulfed this town at this time of year, traveled the back roads on the way to Tims Ford State Park.
We walked with James on a paved trail that meanders to a point on a cove and then circles back to the parking lot.
I remembered it being a short walk but it ended up being about six miles in total, and we leisurely wandered, and took pictures and talked, and watched deer and hawks, all the while letting Jamie set the pace for us.
We did not see anyone else the entire time that we were out and for that we were both pleased and grateful.
A grey day, the weather was dry and mild and we were both happy to have had the opportunity to be in our own quiet world for a brief time before having to head back into the real world...........
One more fishing bobber in one more tree.
It has become a standing joke between me and my Mountain Boy that I stop to photograph every colorful bobber I find hanging from trees close to shore.
There are many, and they provide a welcome jolt of color in a world that right now (at this time of year) is predominantly brown.......................

This blog began in January of 2010 as Living The Juneau Adventure.
By April of 2011 it was called Wyoming Wind Songs.
Yesterday (after prolonged hand wringing and indecision) I decided to rename it yet again, and this blog is now simply called A Tennessee Life.
It is a short and simple title for a life that for two years was long and complicated.
I am hoping that 2012 will actually live up to the renaming.
Merry Christmas.
Peace. and Joy and Happy Life to everyone reading this.
I have to go and make brownies..................

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