Monday, August 15, 2011

Young Horse

I promised my neighbor that I would post some up-to-date pictures of both Dixie and her rapidly growing and spunky baby boy Petey.
My neighbor has a friend in New Hampshire who has both health and mobility issues,and who really wanted to see my neighbor's new foal.
Petey was born at the end of April and both LC and I were lucky enough to witness a new life coming into the world.
Thankfully he was born on a dry, warm and very sunny day because even after the end of April we had episodes of cold and snow.
Here is a link to Petey's birth:
He is very cute, but as my oldest son pointed out to me one day "all baby mammals are cute".
He has a point.
He also has my cynical and dry sense of humor.............

Over the past few months LC, our neighbor and I have all greatly enjoyed watching this young thing grow and change.
His color has changed since he was born and still continues to do so.
He has developed a spunky, playful, kick-up-his-heels personality and makes us all laugh with his amusing ways.
He views the world through the comfort and safety of both his mother and his attentive human care-taker, as well as from a fenced-in area where he had to deal neither with other horses or any type of serious danger.
In short, it's a pretty good life for young horse...............

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